Dr. Gabi Kratochwil

Chairwoman GAWBL-Summit 2018, Founder & Owner CrossCultures Network, Germany

Building bridges across cultures, connecting people and empowering women are strategic imperatives for successfull economics and sustainable development on a global scale. They are key drivers of creativity, innovation and growth so to find answers to the many challenges of our 21st century.

HE Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani

Founder & Chairwoman Arab International Women‘s Forum, UK

As a development economist, I am committed to equality of opportunity and moving the dialogue from access to inclusion. Hence closing the gap between the economic opportunities available to men and those available to women should therefore be a top economic priority for all policy makers.

Jasmin Arbabian-Vogel

President Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU), Germany

Women represent the most important potential for economic growth: as employees, as managers, as entrepreneurs and as company founders. Unlocking these potentials and empowering women economically is the task and duty for the leaders of tomorrow.

Janina Kugel

Chief Human Resources Officer and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

We value diversity as the inclusion and collaboration of different thinking, backgrounds, experiences, expertise and individual qualities across all organizational levels. Diversity strengthens our innovative capacity, unleashes the potential of our employees and thereby directly contributes to our business success.

Petra Justenhoven

Assurance Leader and Member of Management Board PwC Germany and PwC Europe, Germany

Anyone looking to succeed in global competition must be progressive and make the best possible use of the diversity and the opportunities of a changing world. At PwC, we invest in diverse talents and an inclusive culture to deliver on our purpose: “build trust in society and solve important problems.” However, female talents often do not tap their full potential or opt-out of their corporate careers before developing into leadership roles. This is why I engage to pass on my experience as a female leader and mentor to next generations' female talents.

Khalid AlKhudair

Founder and CEO of Glowork, Young Global Leader at World Economic Forum, KSA

Women don't need men to stand up for them. They need men to stand beside them in the battle against inequality.

Elvira Lefting

Managing Director, Finance in Motion, Germany

Creating an enabling environment in which female business leaders can thrive is key to sustainable development and prosperity anywhere. Required action is multifaceted ranging from training tailored to the needs of female talents to legislative changes providing the necessary stimulus and frame for female business leaders to develop and shape society.

Ursula Schwarzenbart

General Manager Talent Development and Global Diversity Management, Daimler AG, Germany

Companies which are good companies for women are also good companies for men but not the other way around.

HE Dr. Afnan Al Shuaiby

Secretary General and Chief Executive, Arab British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC), UK

To excel in everything I do and to be judged by my achievements and competence, not simply because I am a woman; to use my leadership skills and strategic position to contribute towards the development of closer collaboration between the Arab World and its global partners.

Vanessa Haumberger

Vice President Political Affairs, Munich Airport, Germany

Men and women enhance our economy with their management styles and spirit. Society is diverse. Enterprises seeking success should be diverse as well. Anything else would be a waste of talent and thus a waste of competitiveness.

Kirsten Sánchez Marín

Corporate Director Human Resources Global Diversity & Inclusion, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Germany

I am convinced that a company culture focused on the inclusion of people with their different experiences, skills and cultural backgrounds is the key driver of creativity, innovation and invention and it is decisive for the competitiveness and future viability of every company.

HE Reem Badran

Former Member of Parliament; and Founder and Chairperson Alhurra For Management and Business Development Company, Jordan

The situation of women must change; there are no immovable barriers to gender equality and women empowerment which I consider the engines of a better society and better tomorrow.

Astrid Frohloff

TV Anchorwoman, ARD, Germany

Power is not given to you, you have to take it!

Aisha Hussein Alfardan

Vice Chairwoman, Qatari Businesswomen Association, Personal Advisor to the Chairman, Alfardan Group Holding, Qatar

Reducing gender inequality and improving the status of women contributes to higher rates of economic growth and greater macroeconomic stability.

Julia Arnold

Managing Director International Economic Relations, The Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), Germany

Being supportive to other gifted female leaders can make a huge difference in an environment that still makes it hard for many women to fully exploit their talents and realize their visions. This conference provides plenty of opportunities for fruitful exchange and for establishing networks of supporters across borders and industries. Moreover, the German Chambers Network – with several offices also in Arab countries – offers attractive programs to foster female entrepreneurship and to promote female leaders. Please grab these opportunities with both hands and don´t forget to keep the ladder on the building – so that other women can climb up.

Dr. Julia Sperling

Partner McKinsey, UAE

The prosperity of any economy depends on its competitive edge. One of the most essential premises for that is the availability of qualified professionals. Many countries are not yet fully realizing this potential – especially in women. To contribute our fair share in addressing this, I am committed to exploring new concepts and approaches to promote gender parity within McKinsey&Company and also more broadly through the "Initiative Chefsache" – a network of leaders committed to making gender balance a top management priority.

Deena A. Al Faris

Vice President Al Faris Caviar Farms, Founder Qamrah Brands, KSA

Remind me with you to call us the women to own our aspiration, believing in our power to step up to our potential with confidence enjoying the purposeful world. You are ready to embrace ambition.

Dr. Florian Amereller

LL.M., Attorney At Law, Amereller, Legal Consultants, Germany

Edith Weymayr

Managing Director & Divisional Board Member Mittelstandsbank Southern Germany, Corporate Clients, Commerzbank AG, Germany

Women are different, think different and lead in a different way. Due to their female perspective, they are especially able to sell innovative and unusual strategies. That’s the reason why they are so important for business globally. Cultural awareness, knowledge and empathy are of particular importance if we want to create effects in the economic empowerment of women. I strongly believe that “looking beyond the horizon” will help to provide the necessary environment.

Malek Dardour

Cluster Head for GCC, Maghreb, Egypt, MEA Expansion & Head of Regional Marketing MEA Beauty Care Retail, Henkel, Germany/Tunisia

We are all unique individuals with unique competencies. What makes the difference is the association of individuals, women and men from different origins, around a common purpose.

Dr. Dalia Abu Samra-Rohte

Deputy CEO German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK), Director Abu Dhabi Office, Regional Coordinator Business Development, Bavarian Representative in the UAE

Only by leveraging the talent and capabilities of women the Gulf countries can deliver their ambitious master plans in diversifying their economies!

Monica Carco

UNIDO Senior Industrial Development Officer, Austria

Having covered UN representation and management positions, I have always promoted public and private partnerships and strategic -multi stakeholder- alliances to boost inclusive women economic empowerment.

Hanan Saab

CEO & Managing Director, Pharmamed, Lebanon

Any sustainable vision for the future must tap into the potential and valuable contributions of women.

HE Dr. Amel Karboul

Former Minister of Tourism, CEO of the Education Outcomes Fund for Africa and the Middle East, Tunisia/UK

The most important infrastructure we have is educated minds.

Monique Morrow

CTO | Chief Technology Strategist, Switzerland

I am very excited about the forthcoming German‐Arab Women Business Leaders Summit 2018, as an opportunity to exchange best practices for multi-cultural business development and tapping in on new insights from academia. We can learn from these exceptional innovators who are charting the path toward success in our multi-cultural 21st century and beyond. This summit is for everyone!

Markus Milwa

Markus Milwa, International Relations & Corporate Networks, Christiani, Germany

Education is a basic human right, yet persistent inequalities in education cripples the lives of millions of women and girls, worldwide. With a quality education, women and girls can break the vicious cycle, and shape the world according to their aspirations. Empowering women and girls means empowering societies as a whole. It's one of the strongest foundations for lasting peace and sustainable development.

Carla Everhardt

Attorney-at-Law (Germany) und Associate Partner Rödl&Partner, Germany

Just like in wildlife, diversity is key to success in the world of economics. In order to enter bold new paths and to generate creative, future-oriented solutions, it takes the efforts of multidisciplinary teams covering all facets of variety - gender, cultural background, age, experience, expertise and individual qualities – to unfold inspiration, to unlock potentials and to create powerful synergies. Leaving stereotypes and outdated categories behind, brilliant minds may thrive and join forces to shape the world of tomorrow – not only for business enterprises, but for our human society as a whole.

Marita Mitschein

Managing Director, SAP Training and Development Institute, Senior Vice President Strategic Investments, Growth Plan Lead for SAP Middle East and North Africa and Member of SAP’s Global Executive Leadership Team, SAP UAE

In today’s ever changing business world, diversity is key to success. Diversity is not limited to gender, but includes age, ethnicity, cultural background, etc. We can all can learn from each other and personally I love and thrive working in a very diverse environment.

Sarah Rizk

LLM, Attorney, Amereller Legal Consultants, Egypt/Germany

The largest untapped resource in the Arab world is the integration of women in the economy. Unlocking this enormous potential will improve overall economic performance at basically no cost.

Hildegard Vogelmann

Programme Director, Economic Integration of Women in the MENA Region – EconoWin, GIZ, Germany

When women work, economies win! According to McKinsey Global Institute bridging the gender gap until 2025 would add USD 0,6 trillion to the annual GDP of the MENA region.The integration of women is a social AND economic imperative.

Daria Revina

Founder Women in Green Energy, Qatar

Women in Green Energy initiative was born out of my passion and determination for renewable energy development, taking its stance as the most prominent and wide spread source of energy. Being myself a female professional in this industry for many years now I realize the importance of wider participation and leadership of female professionals to make a green energy revolution our reality. There so many ambitious and talented professionals and businesswomen out there who are meant to become the driving force of this transition regionally and globally.

Bassant Helmi

CEO Global Project Partners & Co-Chair of the Digital Arabia Network (#DAN), Germany

The digital technology will impact our lives and will disrupt the way we are doing business. What chances and challenges does digitalisation bring for the Arab world ? How can the digital transformation be an instrument for women empowerment and how is it going to affect women's labour market and financial inclusion?

Dr. Azza Mahfouz

Owner & Manager Alex Pharmacies, Egypt

Turn passion into profit.

Dr. Birgit Thoben

Former Project Leader Innovation Management Global Corporate Research (CR), Robert Bosch GmbH, CEO Future.Solutions, Germany/Switzerland

My passion is to kindle unexpected and innovative connections and actively support them to turn into practical innovations. I achieve this by leveraging creativity, by lateral thinking, by connecting people, and by facilitating serendipities and fortunate coincidences. I combine management, science and art, using design thinking and lateral-venture experiments to nurture unexpected ways of generating ideas and creating successful business model innovations.

Mirna Hamady

Owner & Creative Director Kashida Design, Lebanon

What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise. - Oscar Wilde

Anne Kjær Riechert

CEO and Co-founder Redi School, Germany

The future is digital. Women need to be part of building a better future for all!

Sophia Hatzelmann

Sophia Hatzelmann, Founder and Managing Director ahc GmbH, Germany

I never accepted a “no” based on tradition and routine. Always have the imagination and endurance to find new paths and solutions.

Aysha Sulaiman

Group Director of Human Resources & Development Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone Government of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

No one can make you successful; the will to succeed comes from within.

Karl Hinterleitner

Senior Editor & Chairman of Staff Council, German Television ZDF, Capital Bureau, Germany

Change is female.

Annette Roeckl

CEO, Roeckl Handschuhe & Accessoires GmbH & Co. KG

Excellent education, entrepreneurial talent and forward-looking ideas are not a question of gender but of attitude. Women in leading positions shouldn’t be a minority; they are our role models and inspiration at the same time.

Ines Gensinger

Ines Gensinger, Head of Business & Consumer Communications & Analyst Relations, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Leadership is a matter of personality and, more and more, requires refined social skills. That’s part of the change. Because good leadership has always existed, but the requirements have changed.